Proper Ativan Dose – Way to a Successful Treatment Course


Ativan, with an active ingredient Lorazepam, serves a powerful medication aimed at elimination of anxiety symptoms. The medication is commonly recommended for anxiety and related conditions, such as insomnia, status epilepticus and others. Ativan belongs to prescription drugs, since its impact on brain chemicals is immense. While their levels are imbalanced in patients with anxiety disorders, the active components of the treatment work maintaining and setting control over them.

The only question here is: how to understand that you have anxiety disorders? Nausea, shortness of breath, insomnia, fear, panic, dizziness, muscle tension, dry mouth and a range of other symptoms are reliable indicators of the problem. Thus, address your healthcare provider immediately when you have noticed any of the complications to treat the condition at the very beginning.

To achieve the desirable improvements and witness the necessary effects, one should administer Ativan following doctor’s recommendations and safety instructions. The very dangerous moment of Ativan intake is the fact that the medication is habit-forming, so it should not be used longer than recommended or in bigger doses. The drug misuse can lead to severe complications, such as overdose, addiction and even death. Ativan treatment course should be started with low doses to see the reaction of the organism to the treatment. Once you have achieved the necessary improvements with a small dose, there is no need to increase it. However, if the symptoms do not get any better, ask your physician to increase your daily dose. Never stop Ativan intake suddenly in order to avoid devastating withdrawal effects. Convulsions, seizures, sudden mood changes and other symptoms may appear as a result of abrupt cancellation of the treatment course.

Depending on the condition and its severity, Ativan dose will differ greatly. However, despite the treatment course with the medication is commonly rather short, some patients prefer to continue using the medications for a comparatively longer effect. It works in some cases, though the majority of patients get overdosed after a durable treatment course. Get a consultation from a qualified doctor before taking Ativan for a long time to achieve the desirable symptom improvements and warn nasty and unpleasant side effects. Keep in mind that Ativan produces a drastic impact on the brain, so its prolonged intake can lead to other related health complications.